Thursday, January 27, 2011

the thursday things

Texts from my pledge grandbaby Caroline, keeping me up with the latest Kappa Delta gossip.
These are the things I've been loving this week. With the snow in Chicago being as unwelcome as a pair of white pumps in my closet (read: very unwelcome), I've been especially loving things that have been leaving me feeling especially warm and fuzzy and tingly all over.
 A thank you note that one of my clients sent me! She said in it that my company is very lucky to have me. This kept me smiling all day long today.
 Daft Punk; especially the Tron: Legacy soundtrack; especially Castor. Daft Punk isn't exactly warm, fuzzy music, but my brother got me into Daft Punk (starting with "Digital Love"), and this soundtrack reminds me of him. 
 The engraved silver bangle my mom got me for Christmas to match the one that she has had since before I can remember. I wear it everyday.
 This sweet bedding from Ikea. I adore the red buttons on the pillow case!
Taco night.


  1. I haven't listened to Daft Punk in years. They're awesome! Also, I adore your taco stand!

  2. Hell yes Daft Punk! I love rocking out to them every now and then.

    And I cannot tell you the last time I had a proper homemade taco, now I'm craving them!