Sunday, July 10, 2011

mi casa

hello, little blog. so much has changed since i lost posted in... april. i've been super busy at work thanks to the disastrous weather in the midwest, but i've moved out, gotten an orange kitty named bill, and planned a trip to San Francisco with my friends from work.

 this is bill. he is three and he has a dreidel cat toy and he likes playing with my ponytail holders.

my place is unpacked for the most part, but not all decorated. i'm holding off of on that for; i want to devote an hour a day to sorting through all this introductory mail that has accumulated in various piles in my apartment, reorganize the tchotchkes that have found their way onto my mantle and dresser, hang up more pictures/locate frames, and set up my wii.

as always, per my "strive for constant improvement" mantra, i'm in a workout challenge class with one of my friends (down two pounds!), drinking lots of water, and i'm looking forward to taking advantage of this nice weather with some early morning or late evening bike rides (i finally have my bike here from my parent's house!). i'm trying not to be as computer or television-centric, and trying to get up off my butt, keep things at least slightly clean, and maybe get around to folding this week-old pile of laundry in my basket. i want to get to sleep on time and wake up in time to get some hours of OT in the morning at work. basically, i need the energy to get up and check things off my to-do list. such a better feeling than knowing you've spent the day doing productive things, rather than napping while watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family.

as i get everything together, my life has been full of friends and awesome things that are getting me out of the apartment. i won passes to an advance screening of Transformers: Dark of the Moon and i took my friend cory. i also spent the weekend of the 4th at my friend's pool, betting (and losing) on horses, taking in an awesome fireworks display, hitting up a hot air balloon festival, and going to a Sox game. it was a great weekend that took a lot out of me, and i'm still recuperating.

for now the focus is on busting my best at work in the week ahead, riding my bike in the evenings, and eating as healthily as possible (turkey, water, egg whites, peppers). what is your focus of the week?

be excellent.