Sunday, February 13, 2011

clean up, clean up everybody everywhere

 Living at home has its perks. For one, every two weeks a nice woman named Anna comes and cleans our house. However, when she gets to my room she just rearranges the dozens of nail polish bottles on my dresser and throws my shoes in my closet (see picture four). Not much to clean in a room that has a fine layering of clothing that acts as a floor. She'll stack up the DVDs and magazines and books I have scattered next to my bed (see the last picture) and then gently place all discarded clothing in the pile in front of my desk (see the picture below). 

Now that I have a move-out date in less than two months (!!!!! MY NEW PLACE IS AMAZING !!!!!), I think it's time to stop having "piles" of things and time to start getting rid of things. Maybe the best way of picking out my clothing for work each day would be to look in my closet or drawers; not by kicking through a mound of clothing with varying levels of cleanliness. So, after I wake up from my morning nap, it's mission cleaning. I feel like I'm always devoting myself to this cause. But this time, it's for real. Please enjoy the following "before" pictures, which feature gift bags filled with still unpacked Christmas gifts, old copies of US Weekly, and boxes of yet-unpacked home headbands and jewelry from college (for a point of reference, I moved home in late May 2010). Excellent!

Stay excellent. And cleaner than me! But I don't think that will be hard.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

the thursday things: things i am excited about edition

caroline and i in France, November 2010. purple tank and gray messenger bag, Gap; earrings, Claire's.
 normally my "thursday things" posts are dedicated to things that are, at that moment, making me feel happy, warm, tingly, excited, joyful, exuberant, enthusiastic, etc. however, with visits to see some of my best friends in the next few weekends, i realized that the things that make me happy consistently are not things; they're people. here are a few of the people who make me all of those synonyms for happy, and who i am lucky enough to see in the next few weeks, and a bit of what we'll be doing!
 one of my best friends, Julie, who I am visiting in Boston at the end of February! excited to visit the MBMJ and Betsey Johnson stores with her, eat delicious Bah-ston style food, and to go to Salem and my first East Coast Girl Talk concert!
floral top, Julie's; pearl studs, C.
my Kappa Delta pledge family: me, granddaughter/fellow European explorer, Caroline, and pledge daughter, Linda.
I'm going down in a week for our annual Crush Dance. Excited for getting ready and dancing the night away with all of my Kappa Delta sisters... and for Portabella Ciabetta and Lobster Bisque from Kelly's Bakery. Top, Forever 21; jeans and flats, H&M.

Stay excellent.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

the thursday things

dinner with my pledge mom. sangria and tapas at the restaurant we've been frequenting for 4 years.
perhaps I'm late on the Tim Lincecum bandwagon but that GQ cover? he-llo. i'm a freak for the freak.
the baha'i temple. always a favorite, and especially at night.
 this sweet print at ikea. i want to frame this print and put it all over my new apartment (when i move in, if ever).
quotes on the women's bathroom wall at Lasalle Power Company. i love them to no end.