Thursday, February 10, 2011

the thursday things: things i am excited about edition

caroline and i in France, November 2010. purple tank and gray messenger bag, Gap; earrings, Claire's.
 normally my "thursday things" posts are dedicated to things that are, at that moment, making me feel happy, warm, tingly, excited, joyful, exuberant, enthusiastic, etc. however, with visits to see some of my best friends in the next few weekends, i realized that the things that make me happy consistently are not things; they're people. here are a few of the people who make me all of those synonyms for happy, and who i am lucky enough to see in the next few weeks, and a bit of what we'll be doing!
 one of my best friends, Julie, who I am visiting in Boston at the end of February! excited to visit the MBMJ and Betsey Johnson stores with her, eat delicious Bah-ston style food, and to go to Salem and my first East Coast Girl Talk concert!
floral top, Julie's; pearl studs, C.
my Kappa Delta pledge family: me, granddaughter/fellow European explorer, Caroline, and pledge daughter, Linda.
I'm going down in a week for our annual Crush Dance. Excited for getting ready and dancing the night away with all of my Kappa Delta sisters... and for Portabella Ciabetta and Lobster Bisque from Kelly's Bakery. Top, Forever 21; jeans and flats, H&M.

Stay excellent.

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