Sunday, January 2, 2011

it was the most wonderful time of the year

After every holiday or vacation or  birthday, I always seem to go through what my mom calls "post-vacation letdown." After the exciting events of these special days, like dressing up and indulging in festive foods and attending parties with friends decked out in just-purchase-for-the-occasion attire, life has to return to what it was before: work, routines, and less festive everything. The return to the everyday always makes me feel mundane and sad that the holiday-friendly excuse to wear sparkly cocktail rings and statement necklaces everyday or to eat my mom's peanut-butter-and-Hershey-kiss cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is no longer acceptable.

The day after New Years always brings these feelings to a head. Even in the days after Christmas, there is NYE to look forward to, with its welcome attitude toward sparkly clothing and the celebratory mood it garners. It gives everyone something to celebrate, regardless of faith. The end of a calendar year. A fresh start. A new attitude. Promises to eat no carbs. Promises to volunteer every Saturday. Promises to hit the gym two times a day, everyday, in 2011. Promises to get organized. Promises to learn Turkish. Promises to teach the cat how to flush the toilet. Promises to be more patient with one's in-laws. As you can tell, not all of these are realistic. But the air of the holiday season lets us believe in something that seems unrealistic and magical, that we're capable of something that the March or July versions of ourselves didn't have the chutzpah to even think to attempt.

With that air of magic, to me, comes the desire to dress in a way I wouldn't normally during the other months of the year. I'm normally a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, but December brings out black tights, sparkly jewelry, curly hair, and glittery heels. Something I hope to bring into the New Year with me is this reinvigorated sense of style.

My picks for a sparkly New Year include: 

This Lee Angel 18-Strand Gold Necklace. I purchased it at a trunk show where Peach Carr, of Project Runway fame, debuted her new tennis line. It is light and festive; I've worn it to work with a black scoop neck tee and on NYE with a strapless black lace cocktail dress. It was way more than I would normally spend on a piece of jewelry, but I see it as an investment (which is what I had to keep repeating to myself as I handed the saleswoman my credit card). However, it has proven itself to be the perfect last piece to several outfits.

These Rhinestone Leather Ballet Flats have been my go-to shoes for winter (other than the Uggs I use to slog through the parking lot during my morning and even trips to my car). They complement my Gap really skinny pants perfectly, which is the constant lower half of my work uniform. I've become something of a Gap addict in the past few months.

Lately, I've been investing in plain tops and bottoms (mostly from The Gap), and buying less expensive accessories. I've found that Charlotte Russe has a really current, on-point selection of belts, necklaces, bracelets, and rings that are pretty inexpensive. I own the first necklace and I plan on going back soon and buying the last two. They would look great with a plain shirt or a cardigan.

I hope you all had a safe, excellent New Year. Here's to a sparkly 2011.

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  1. My fav accessories store is For Love 21. Seriously everything you could ever dream of for under $10.